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Type of Products – Best suited for Aqua Jetting

Materials :

Aluminium cutting
Glass cutting
Titanium cutting
Ceramic cutting
Perspex cutting
GP03 cutting
400 BHN / 500BHN cutting

Stainless Steel cutting
Copper cutting
Duplex steel cutting
Marble cutting
Di-Bond cutting
SG200 cutting
Wood cutting

Mild Steel cutting
Brass cutting
Shimstock cutting
Plastic cutting
Fibre glass cutting
Carbon fibre cutting
Composites cutting 

Product Summary

  • Accuracy: 0.15 – 0.3mm Tolerance depending on Thickness of material or 0.07mm with our5 Axis, Zero Taper cutting head.
  • Materials: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, H.T. Steel, Titanium, Hardox, Brass, Plastic, Glass, Tiles, Copper, Marble, Granite, Nylon, Rubber, Armour Glass, Perspex, Laminates, i.e. Any material
  • Pressure of Water: 4500 Bar (Car Tyre is 2 Bar) or 50,000 p.s.i. (1000 times your domestic tap pressure!).
  • Speed of water: 600m/second or 2000 ft/second (MACH 2.5 ie., 2.5 x Faster than the Speed of Sound for the garnet abrasive).
  • Width of Cut: 0.5mm or 0.8mm = diameter of jet. Passed through Sapphire/ Diamond Jewel.
  • Surface Finish: 5 Ranges : 1 = quickest, 5 = smoothest
  • CAD Drawings or .DXF Files: Can be downloaded via the Internet or e-mailed instantly to our design office from anywhere in the world. CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) system