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AquaJet has been at the forefront of waterjet cutting in Africa as the first specialist service centre using this technology and making this service offering available to all industries. AquaJet has set the benchmark for Precision Water-Jet cutting and profiling in Africa. Our cutting centre is believed to be the largest of its kind in South Africa. We currently make use of the Award-Winning American Omax waterjet machines.

These machines are the highest quality waterjet machines currently on the market and operates using the latest software versions for CAD. The Omax system is designed to such an extent that it optimizes each cut to decrease material wastage, whilst ensuring a linear positional accuracy of ±0.025mm not only ensuring risk-reduction, but also creating innovative opportunities with our Tilt-a-Jet Head on two of the machines, resulting in a taper free edge on each part and up to 9° induced taper, if required.

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The machines are equipped with a triplex continuous pressure pump, ensuring a consistent pressure outlet of 55 000psi, or 3800 bar. Combine this with garnet, and you get a cold cutting tool that travels at a speed three times that of sound.

Compared to conventional cutting methods, water jet cutting is considered to be an ‘eco-friendly approach’ to profile cutting. Not only does this process reduce our carbon footprint, but it also allows us to cut a wider range of materials.

Aquajet maintains to be the centre of cutting excellence, resulting in a quick turnaround and aiming to cultivate a secured place in the market. We are a family, and our foundation is based on trust and consistency. 

Waterjet Cutting process

5 Quality Cuts

5 Quality Cuts

Quality 5

Smooth Cutting Zone (Top)
No striations
Most accurate
Striated cutting zone (Bottom)

4 Quality Cuts

Quality 4

Smooth Cutting Zone (Top)
Minimal striations
Striated cutting Zone (Bottom)

3 Quality Cuts

Quality 3

Smooth Cutting Zone (Top)
Striations on bottom half of cut
Most commonly used
Striated Cutting Zone (Bottom)

2 Quality Cuts

Quality 2

Smooth Cutting Zone (Top)
Striated Cutting Zone (Bottom)

1 Quality Cuts

Quality 1

Smooth Cutting Zone (Top)
Rarely Used
Striated Cutting Zone (Bottom)


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